We’re proud to announce that on April 21st, Calvin won 6 more medals in the VAWA 2012 Wine and Beer Maker Awards.  Calvin’s Irish Stout recipe won GOLD and was awarded “Best in Class” with 46 of a possible 50 points awarded.  His Rauchbier also won “Best in Class” Dark beer.  His total medal count for beer also garnered him the coveted VAWA 2012 Beer Maker of the Year trophy!

Calvin’s VAWA 2012 awards were as follows:

Aromatic White 1 2009 100% Riesling grape         Bronze
2012 American West Coast IPA, All Chinook hopping BJCP=14B      Bronze
2011 English Pale Ale (ESB), All Marris Otter Malt BJCP=8C        Silver
2012 Peated Scottish/Rauchbier BJCP=22B                                            Silver Best in Class
2011 Baltic Porter BJCP=12C                   Bronze
2011 Traditional Irish Stout BJCP=13A   Gold Best in Class

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