Cheers to 7 Great Years!

Our 7th Anniversary Customer Appreciation Sale starts tomorrow and runs for 2 days only!

There will be a large selection of wine kits on sale, and there will be coffee and cupcakes!

Friday, February 28th 9:30am-5pm

and Saturday March 1st 10:00am – 4pm

We hope to see you here!

Grand Cru International 5-wk Italian Sangiovese  SALE $82/kit
Grand Cru International 5-wk Chilean Malbec SALE $82/kit
Grand Cru International 5-wk Washington Merlot SALE $82/kit
Grand Cru International 5-wk Ontario Sauvignon Blanc  SALE $74/kit
Cellar Classic 6-wk Rosso Grande  SALE $102/kit
Cellar Classic 6-wk Gewurztraminer  SALE $96/kit
Cru Select 6-wk Australian Cabernet Shiraz Merlot  SALE $108/kit
Cru Select 6-wk Italian Pinot Grigio SALE $103/kit
Cru Select 6-wk Italian Valpola Ripassa  SALE $123/kit
Cru Select 6-wk Australian Chardonnay  SALE $103/kit
Cellar Classic Winery Series 6-wk Italian Amarone  SALE $132/kit
Cellar Classic Winery Series 6-wk Australian Cabernet Sauvignon  SALE $128/kit
Cellar Classic Winery Series 6-wk Italian Super Tuscan  SALE $128/kit

(Prices listed are kit prices. To be made on-premise add $46.55 vintner fee per kit)


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