BrewHouseBoxWE ARE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THE LATEST BREW HOUSE SEASONAL RELEASE! Just in time for the Winter season, this stout has a smooth oat undertone that you can only find in true-to-style oatmeal stouts. Aromas of rich, sweet, and candy-like malts are blended with full notes of dark chocolate, espresso and coffee that offer a smooth hoppy finish. The Brewer’s Oat give this stout a wonderful creamy mouth feel with a balanced and refreshing finish. This fabulous beer is a must-try for the holiday season.Bitterness: 31 IBUs
Malts: Canadian 2-Row, 2-Row Black malt, Wheat Malt.
Carapils, Caramel 120, Oats, Honey.
OG: 1.054
Hops: Northern Brewer (Bittering & East Kent Goldings Aroma)
Colour: Dark Chocolate Brown
Serve: 12°C – 15°C

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