Conner’s Wine Cellar is THE place to go for all your home beer and wine making needs.  We have the largest in-stock selection of home brewing and home vintning equipment, ingredients, supplies and accessories in the Fraser Valley, and are Chilliwack’s only Homebrew shop.

Whether you make wine kits at home, grow your own backyard grapes, ferment your leftover raspberries, pears, and blueberries, or are trying something exotic like watermellon, tomato, garlic, beet, or dandilion wine (trust me, we’ve heard it all) – we’ve got everything you need to make that wine the best that it can be … and that includes lots of free tips and information from our knowledgeable staff!

…And if you’re a home brewer, you’re going to LOVE us – we have one of British Columbia’s largest selections of hops, malts and grains sourced from around the world, and dozens of liquid yeast strains – pretty much ensuring that you can brew any beer style that you can imagine!  Click the “Online Catalog” link to the right, to browse our selection!
*** Now over 1,000 items in stock ***

Our Online Home Brew Supply Shop is now known as True North Brew Supply!

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  • Wine Additives
    – Acids
    – Yeasts (beer, wine, and turbo)
    – Flavouring Agents (conditioner, tannins, elderberries and more!)
    – Oak (powders, staves, shavings and cubes)
    – Processing Additives
    – Finings and Clearing agents
  • Cleaners and Sanitizers
    – Sani-Brew
    -One Step
    – Powdered Brewery Wash (PBW)
    – Iodophore
    – Sulphites
  • Carboys and Accessories
    – Glass or Plastic
    – 11.5L, 19L, 23L, 46L
  • Full Equipment Kits
  • Fermenting Pails and Lids
  • Testing Equipment
    – Acid Testing Kits
    – Triple Scale Hydrometers
    – Proof Hydrometers
    – Thermometers
    – Vinometers
  • Filtering Equipment
    – BV SuperJet
    – BV MiniJet
    -Scott & Supra Pads
  • Corkers and Cappers
  • Bottle Washers
  • Bottles
    – Wine Bottles (flint or green)
    – Ice Wine / Port Bottles (flint or green)
    – Beer Bottles (glass or plastic)
    – PET Bottles 500ml (clear or green)
    – Champagne Bottles
    – Wine Waiter Bags
    – E-ZCap Bottles & replacement washers
  • Brushes and Spoons
  • Siphon Rods and Hoses
  • Closures
    – Airlocks
    – Caps for Jugs
    – Corks
    – PET Caps
    – Crown Caps
    – Rubber Bungs
  • And much More!
    – Stock Labels and custom Labels
    – Wooden bottle crates
    – Corkscrews
    – Wine Stain Remover
    – Oak Barrels (special order)
    – and much more available by special order

Bulk Additives

Potassium Metabisulphite : 2.5c / gram
Potassium Sorbate : 6c/ gram
Pectic Enzyme : 6c / gram
Yeast Nutrient : 4c / gram
Citric Acid : 3.5c / gram
Acid Blend : 4c/ gram
Bentonite : 1.5c / gram
SaniBrew : 3c / gram
Activated Carbon : 75c / tbsp