By popular demand, we’ve brought in an assortment of equipment and accessories for high alcohol home brewers, hobby distillers, liquor and liqueur makers.  We have access to many more items that are not listed here, and we’re also sourcing new items weekly, so if you’re looking for something in particular that you don’t see here, just let us know – we can probably get it!

Proof and Tralle Hydrometer
This Proof and Tralle Hydrometer is a professional grade hydrometer that has a scale that goes to 200 proof. It is used to calculate proof in higher alcoholic beverages as it is not accurate for lower alcohol products like beer or wine.

Carbon Snake
The CarbonSnake is an inexpensive, easy to use carbon purification system which will remove unwanted odors and flavors from fermented alcohol bases (i.e. distillers yeast, nutrient blends, SuperYeasts and TurboYeasts) and ethanol distillates (grain or sugar alcohols).

Activated Carbon
Distillers Activated Carbon removes unwanted odors and flavors from fermented alco-bases (i.e. distiller’s yeast/nutrient blends, SuperYeast™, turbo-yeast) and ethanol distillates (i.e. grain or sugar alcohols).

Rox Carbon Pack  Teabags
Great cheap and easy carbon packs for single use purification of fermented alco-bases.

SuperYeast X-Press
SuperYeast X-Press is the new generation (2004) high alcohol turbo that can produce 25 L (6.5 U.S. Gallons) of 20 per cent alcohol base in as little as 5 days. The new X-Press is completely stackable, which means that you can ferment multiple packs at a time, as long as the sugar, water, and temperature is kept constant. It works by fermentation of a special distiller’s yeast and complex blend of nutrients and vitamins.

PureBrewer’s Extreme Alco-Base
A combination of high alcohol yeast and nutrients as well as activated carbon that produces 25 litres of up to 23% alcohol in only 7 days – A perfect base for flavouring with your favourite Pure Brewers Essences.

LiquorQuik Essences
LIQUOR QUIK™ branded essences are used worldwide to produce high quality liqueurs and spirits.   All of their essences are produced using natural extracts and essential oils.

PureBrewer’s Essences
Pure Brewers Liqueur Essence has been uniquely formulated to flavour and produce approximately 1 litre of some of the most popular flavours of liqueurs. Use in conjunction with Pure Brewers Extreme Alcobase.

A simple sugar made from corn.Very fermentable. Used for neutral alco-base beer, and wines. Raises alcohol content, and lightens color.