To stock an impressive wine cellar in your home, you don’t need several bottles of a multitude of wines suitable for every occasion imaginable, and you don’t have to take out a second mortgage on the house in order to finance the project either. And the best part, you don’t need to spend years accumulating your collection.

Conner's Wine Cellar

It takes much less time and expense than you’d think, when you craft your own wines at Conner’s Wine Cellar. Believe it or not, to start a very respectable wine cellar, all you need to do is make five whites and five reds – and that can easily be done in less than a year. After you’ve established the basics, you can then specialize or add extra favorites as you personalize your cellar.

First of all, start with these basic whites and reds as the foundation of your wine cellar:

– Rosé/Blush (off dry to medium)
– Pinot Gris or Verdicchio
– Sauvignon Blanc
– Chardonnay
– Gewurztraminer or Riesling

– Pinot Noir or Bergamais
– Chianti or Valpolicella
– Barolo or Zinfandel
– Cabernet or Merlot
– Malbec or Shiraz

These are suggestions, not hard and fast rules.  If you prefer other wines, by all means substitute them.  There’s no sense in cellaring or serving wines you don’t like just because they’re “supposed” to be served with fish.

The easiest way to get started is to make double batches (ie: two carboys) each time you visit Conner’s Wine Cellar.  Put one batch in the cellar, properly bottled and labeled for aging, and keep the other batch to drink over the next several months.  By this method, you should be able to salt away at least 6 batches to age in your cellar in less than a year.   Alternatively, put half of each batch in the cellar and now you’ve accumulated 12 different wines (albeit half as much of each).

Our best quality wines, which are best suited for cellaring, will typically set you back $170 to $200 per batch.  By budgeting $170/month to bolster your cellar, you can make 10 excellent wines by year end, and you haven’t broken the bank!  And when you realize that the same quantity of wine purchased commercially would be priced in excess of $6500, it only makes the satisfaction sweeter, knowing in just one year you’ve kept over $4500 in your pocket and accumulated an impressive cellar full of amazing Craft wines!

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