June Specials:

Cellar Classic Winery Series Italian Amarone

6-week 18L

Reg: $154/kit Sale: $144/kit or $191 made in-store

 This powerhouse wine is dark in colour and rich in flavour and aromas. The bouquet is spicy, with black cherry, tobacco, licorice and coffee notes in the glass. Big, round and flavourful on the palate with delicious dark fruit, leather, cassis and pepper notes gracefully provided by fermentation on GenuWine Winery Grape Skins.

Cru Select Australian Cabernet Shiraz Merlot

6-week 16L

 Reg: $125/kit Sale: $115/kit or $162 made in-store

 The spicy flavour from Cabernet, sweet berry fruit of Shiraz and softening effects of Merlot result in a hearty, tightly structured and well-balanced wine. Aromas of leather and black pepper give way to intense jammy flavours of blackberries and ends with an elegant and long finish.

Cru Select Australian Chardonnay

6-week 16L

 Reg: $120/kit Sale: $110/kit or $157 made in-store

 Clean, crisp and rich in varietal character, fruit flavours abound. It’s golden-hued and slightly tart while flavours of vanilla, cloves and butterscotch tantalize the palate.

Grand Cru International Italian Primitivo

5-week 12L

 Reg: $95/kit Sale $85/kit or $132 made in-store

 Rich in nature, this rustic wine opens up with a luscious bouquet of ripe black cherry and delicate spices, with a hint of toasted oak. Our Primitivo fermented on GenuWine Winery Dried Grape Skins is blessed with well rounded smooth tannins, berry fruit and a long, complex finish.

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