June / July 2013 Newsletter

  • June / July  Specials
  • May / June / July Oak Barrel Aging Features and Specials!
  • Orchard Breezin’ and  Lounge –  Summer Fresh Promotion
  • New Additions to Cellar Classic Winery Series…and they are white wine kits!!
  • The BrewHouse Seasonal Release! Pale Wheat Ale!
  • New Cru Specialty Coming in August – Black Forest Port Style
  • Staff Picks
  • We’re Expanding!

June / July  Specials

June Specials:

Cellar Classic Winery Series Italian Amarone

6-week 18L

Reg: $154/kit              Sale: $144/kit          or          $191 made in-store

This powerhouse wine is dark in colour and rich in flavour and aromas. The bouquet is spicy, with black cherry, tobacco, licorice and coffee notes in the glass. Big, round and flavourful on the palate with delicious dark fruit, leather, cassis and pepper notes gracefully provided by fermentation on GenuWine Winery Grape Skins.


Cru Select Australian Cabernet Shiraz Merlot

6-week 16L

Reg: $125/kit             Sale: $115/kit           or          $162 made in-store

The spicy flavour from Cabernet, sweet berry fruit of Shiraz and softening effects of Merlot result in a hearty, tightly structured and well-balanced wine. Aromas of leather and black pepper give way to intense jammy flavours of blackberries and ends with an elegant and long finish.


Cru Select Australian Chardonnay

6-week 16L

Reg: $120/kit             Sale: $110/kit           or            $157 made in-store

Clean, crisp and rich in varietal character, fruit flavours abound. It’s golden-hued and slightly tart while flavours of vanilla, cloves and butterscotch tantalize the palate.


Grand Cru International Italian Primitivo

5-week 12L

Reg $95/kit                 Sale $85/kit              or             $132 made in-store

Rich in nature, this rustic wine opens up with a luscious bouquet of ripe black cherry and delicate spices, with a hint of toasted oak. Our Primitivo fermented on GenuWine Winery Dried Grape Skins is blessed with well rounded smooth tannins, berry fruit and a long, complex finish.


July Specials:


Cru Select BC Red Meritage

Oak   4      Body  4     Sweetness  0

Reg $140/kit              Sale $130/kit         or           $177 made in-store

A wonderfully rich blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc it opens with aromas of vanilla, chocolate, and leather. On the palate, there are flavours of plum and black currant with a touch of cloves, accented by Hungarian Oak shavings.


Cru Specialty Riesling Ice Wine

Reg  $109/kit             Sale $99/kit            or          $146 made in-store

A must for every wine cellar, Ice Wine is the perfect end to any meal and a great addition to your favourite cocktails. Riesling’s acidity adds the perfect balance to the intense sweetness. Sinfully delicious with intense apricots, apples and pear son the nose, following through to tempting flavours of honey and lychee that linger on the palate.


Cru Specialty Cabernet Franc Ice Wine

Reg  $109/kit             Sale $99/kit            or          $146 made in-store

Its glistening ruby red colour will catch your eye while its nose promises a mouth watering experience. Your palate will be overcome with flavours of sweet and tart red berries and apricots. A lingering honey finish will have you craving more. The rich berry flavours will pair perfectly with chocolate covered strawberries or your favourite dark chocolate dessert.


Grand Cru International Ontario Sauvignon Blanc

Reg $89/kit             Sale $74/kit              or           $121 made in-store

This medium-bodied and expressive wine presents bold herbal tones and fresh citrus flavours. Straw in colour with a refreshing grassy nose, it delights with a long and fruity finish.



May / July Oak Barrel Aging Features and Specials:

A little patience goes a long way! A premium wine that you would normally have to age for 1 year in the bottle is ready to drink after 3 months of Oak Barrel Aging!

Now is the time to put on your wine to be perfectly oak barrel aged for the holiday season! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! We have many customers that tell us since they first tried our oak barrel aging feature, and tasted how great the wine is, they will oak barrel age their wine every time from now on!

From now until July 15th, we are offering FREE Oak Barrel Aging when you buy 2 of the same Oak Barrel Aging Featured wine kits!

That’s a $60 value! Reserve your space now!

(FYI – you don’t have to wait until the featured month to start your wine – you can start it anytime!)


Price Includes Wine Kit, Service Fee, 3 Months Oak Barrel Aging


May:  Offer still available!

CCWS Super Tuscan         $220 + tax  ($190 each + tax if you purchase 2)


Full-bodied and dry, this classic Italian blend exudes aromatics of farm fresh raspberries supported by subtle hints of vanilla and earthy tones Fermentation on untoasted American oak shavings and GenuWine Winery Grape Skins adds intense tannins to round out the concentrated nose of blackberries and black pepper.



EP New Zealand Pinot Noir           $243 + tax   ($213 each + tax if you purchase 2)


Elevated aromas of plump red cherries, bitter chocolate and spice define the intense varietal character of this full-bodied wine. Fermented on Hungarian oak cubes and winery grade yeast, the palate is rich and oaky supported by blackberries and herb flavours layered over silky, integrated tannins.



CS French Merlot        $203 + tax   ($173 each + tax if you purchase 2)


This Merlot is a full-bodied red wine with impressive aromas of farm fresh strawberries, violets and vanilla framed with soft silky tannins. On the palate, it presents powerful notes of ripe raspberries, cherries and dark fruit.


Orchard Breezin’ Lounge and Summer Fresh Promotion

Be the perfect host this summer!

Craft any Orchard Breezin’ or Lounge wine today and receive a Buy One Get One Free coupon for Summer Fresh dips.

Refreshing wines and cocktails by Orchard Breezin’ and Lounge are a perfect match with Summer Fresh dips and prepare
you for no fuss entertaining.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Coupon can be redeemed at any food store where Summer Fresh products are sold.

For more infomation on Orchard Breein’ and Lounge products, visit the “our wines” section of our website.

 New Products in Cellar Classic Winery Series!

Cellar Classic Winery Series raises the bar of quality to a new level!

Announcing our new white wines, uniquely designed to bring out the best flavours and aromas in each varietal. Carefully selected yeast strains will highlight and enhance varietal characteristics during the fermentation process, creating a white wine that is sure to have everyone reaching for a second glass.


Chile Chardonnay       $148/kit

Oak 3     Body  4    Sweetness 0

This medium-bodied aromatic Chardonnay is balanced and fresh with lively acidity. Bursting with hints of pineapple, melon and peach on the palate, this lightly oaked dry white wine has delicate hints of pear on the finish.


South Africa Sauvignon Blanc     $148/kit

Oak   1    Body  3    Sweetness  0

This medium-bodied wine boasts aromas of apple, lemon, and kiwi on the nose and provides hints of lemon and herbaceous flavours on the palate. Grapefruit and passion fruit notes offer a zesty finish.




Australia Pinot Noir          Price TBA ($150-154)

Oak  3    Body  3    Sweetness  0

Fermented on Genuwine Winery Crushed Grapeskins, this medium-bodied red is bursting with flavours of ripe black cherries, red berry fruits and delicate spice notes on the palate. Layered aromas of strawberry, plum, and black cherry are superbly balanced with oak on the nose. This Pinot Noir can be best enjoyed with lamb, grilled salmon or tuna, and roast turkey.

The BrewHouse Seasonal Release! Pale Wheat Ale!

We are pleased to announce the first seasonal release from BrewHouse – available in July!

Pale Wheat Ale      $40/kit        or         $87 made in-store

Smooth, light-bodied and refreshing, this true-to-style Pale Wheat Ale (or Summer Wheat Ale) offers distinct flavours of crisp citrus peel and finishes dry with a light spice note. A summer classic that’s sure to refresh you from those long hot days!

Bitterness:   20 IBU
Malts: Pale, malted wheat
Hops: Saaz
Spices: Grains of Paradise and lemon zest
Colour: Straw, golden

New Cru Specialty Coming in August – Black Forest Port Style

Reserve your kit today!

Because Every Day is Special…..

Cru Specialty brings you truly unique and distinctive wines to stock your cellar and are perfect for all your holiday entertaining and gift giving. Cru Specialty has a wine to please every palate! These wines are available for the holiday season while quantities last.

Black Forest Port Style      $109/kit           or          $156 made in-store

Bursting with rich aromas of red and dark cherry, this full-flavoured Port style also has a hint of dark chocolate fused with plum and toasted oak on the nose.  Rich and sweet on the palate with an enjoyable warm finish, this dessert in a bottle is an irresistible  compliment to your holiday festivities.

Staff Picks!

Many of you ask us what our favourite wine is, and of course it is impossible to pick just one! So we have decided to do
a monthly highlight of a wine kit that we have tried, enjoyed, and highly reccommend!

Calvin’s pick:

Grand Cru International $93.50/kit   or $140 made in-store

This wine is highly underrated! You wouldn’t expect such a flavourful wine in a 5 week kit! Definitely worth checking out!

Oak 3     Body 3      Sweetness 0

Dark chocolate notes carry throughout, with hints of dried red fruits and green pepper on the nose. This wine kit comes with Dried GenuWine Merlot skins and a blend of American and French oak chips.


Carole’s pick:

Cru Select Specialty Toasted Caramel Port $109/kit    or $156 made in-store

Still available while quantities last!

Perfect for keeping you warm on these cool spring and summer nights, and if you manage to have some left, perfect to give to your friends and family for a Christmas stocking stuffer!

Intensely creamy and pleasantly sweet, this full-bodied port combines rich caramel aroma with the robust flavours of red fruit. The buttery caramel notes give this wine a roundness and texture on the palate that is perfectly balanced with rich toasted notes on the finish.


We’re Expanding!

We’re doubling our space!  That’s right!  After 18 months of talking about it and cajoling the landlord, we’ve finally secured the unit next door!  Over the next month we will be renovating the second unit, and once that is complete we will be adjoining the two spaces by cutting through a hallway.  We will be adding two new bottling stations, a lounge area, more storage space, and lots more room for everyone to move.  We’re very exited about this big step, bringing our business to the next level – and can’t wait until the final reveal, sometime this summer!



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Carole and Calvin

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