Liqueurs are spirit based drinks to which flavors are added, usually by infusion, and are often enhanced by sweetening. Sometimes spirits are flavored but unflavored liqueurs do not exist; they are simply known as spirits.  Liqueurs are also known as cordials in the United Kingdom and Australia. In the Scandinavian and Germanic speaking countries liqueurs and spirits are commonly known as aquavits, schnapps (schnapps, snaps), or washers; in eastern Baltic and Slavic countries as vodkas; and, in French speaking counties as eau de vies and brandies.

Liqueur making is as old as civilization itself.  In fact, the recipes and techniques used have not changed much since the Middle Ages.  Carefully selected seeds, herbs, fruits and essential oils are macerated or distilled and then fortified with alcohol and sweetened.  Our essences are made in Northern Europe where the ‘old world’ style of extraction is a much treasured art.

These are all natural 100% European essences.  Each bottle flavors 750 ml of natural fermented Turbo Yeast or other alcohol base.   Our new European recipes and essences include natural nut, fruit and/or grain oils, something competitive products do not use. The result, “a superior finished product”.

You can also use Liquor Quick Essences to flavor and enhance all types of foods.

Liqueur Base available for in-store brewing – $99

(one batch yields 23 liters of 22% alcohol base to you can use to make your own liqueurs, flavourings are sold seperately)

Name Alcohol Percentage Flavour Notes
Amaretto 23% Almond
Apricot Brandy 23% Apricot
Bailey’s Irish Cream 17% Irish Cream
Cherry Brandy 23% Cherry
Crème de Cacao 23% Coco
Crème de Menthe 23% Mint
Kahlua 20% Coffee
Malibu 21% Coconut
Orange Brandy 23% Grand Marnier
Peach Schnapps 18% Peach
Triple Sec 23% Citrus
Hazelnut Liqueur 20% Frangelico
Plum Brandy 23% Plum
Pear Brandy 23% Pear
XO Apple Brandy 23% Apple
Spiced Apple Schnapps 18% Spiced Apple
Benedictine 21% Herbal
Strawberry Cream 17% Strawberry
Blue Curacao 21% Citrus orange and herb
Swiss Chocolate Almond 21% Chocolate almond
Goldfleck Cinnamon Schnapps 23% Goldschlager – Real GOLD fleck!
Peppermint Schnapps 23%