Conner’s Wine Cellar Newsletter March/April 2010

  • Open House Winners!
  • March/April Features
  • March Oak Barrel Aging Offer
  • March RQ now available!
  • New Products!
  • Recipe of the Month! Pair our En Primeur Grenache Rosé with this Grilled Tuna Steak with Eggplant and Zucchini recipe.

Thank you to all of you who came to our 3rd Annivesary Open House and Customer Appreciation Day! Congratulations to the “Wine Trivia”, “Count the Corks”, and “Email Sign-Up” Winners!

For those of you who are curious what the correct Wine Trivia answers were,
here you go!

Question 1. How many lbs of grapes does it take to make your average bottles of wine?
Answer: 2 1/2

Question 2. How many gallons of wine are produced from one acre of grapevines?
Answer: approx 800

Question 3. When was the corkscrew designed?
Answer: 1800’s

Question 4. What is the main grape used to make Chianti?
Answer: Sangiovese

Question 5. Italy and France, year after year are the top 2 wine producing countries in the world. What country is #3?
Answer: China

Question 6. Making your wine at Conner’s Wine Cellar has the following advantage over buying your wine at a liquor store:
a. less expensive
b. way less preservatives (no hangover!)
c. more eco-friendly (reduce, re-use, recycle!)
d. all of the above
Correct Answer: d. all of the above

‘Guess the Corks’ answer : 98

March Features

Cru Select French Viognier
6 week White wine kit
Reg $115/kit    Sale $105/kit

2007 and 2008 WineMaker International Award Winner
A wine full of history, Viognier originated in France but is enjoying a growth in popularity in various wine regions worldwide. The prime appeal of this dry, full-bodied wine is its powerful, rich and complex aroma of ripe apricots and orange blossoms. Its fresh and heady aroma also has an abundance of tropical fruit flavours and is balanced by a soft and creamy mouthfeel. Viognier has a deep golden colour and is best consumed young.

Oak 0 Body 3 Sweetness 0

Grand Cru International German Piesporter
5 week White wine kit
Reg $89/kit        Sale $79/kit

Off dry and extremely aromatic, this easy drinking German classic is packed with a nose of honey and fresh roses. The palate is soft and fruity, offering medium acidic notes with traces of peaches and tropical fruit. Complete with a Süss-Reserve Pack™!

Oak 0 Body 3 Sweetness 2

April Features

Cellar Classic Winery Series Rosso Grande Eccellente
6 week Red wine kit
Reg $139/kit    Sale $129/kit

2007, 2008 and 2009 WineMaker International Award Winner

Ten years ago, Rosso Grande was launched with great show and quickly became the most talked about and popular wine kit of its time. Today, we’d like to introduce you to the next evolution of this masterpiece. Deep, dark, and rich, this assertive wine is bold in all aspects. A delectable bouquet of sweet ripe berries, spices, and farm cherries opens up to the palate, stacked with juicy fruit flavours and firmly structured tannins. Fermented on Merlot winery grape skins and un-toasted American Oak, this wine is sure to create new waves of excitement.

Oak 4 Body 5 Sweetness 0

Grand Cru International BC Pinot Noir
5 week Red wine kit
Reg $89/kit       Sale $79/kit

2007 WineMaker International Award Winner

Grown in the popular Okanagan Valley, this wine has fine aromas of black cherries and fresh strawberries. The French oak produce silky tannins while subtle notes of pepper and spice round out the experience.

Oak 2 Body 3 Sweetness 0

March Oak Barrell Aging Offer!

Cellar Classic Winery Series Rosso Grande Eccellente
$209 (includes wine kit, vintner’s fee, 3 months of oak barrell aging)


Let us know what kind of wine you would be interested in Oak Barrel Aging in April!

March Restricted Quantity Wine Kit now available!

The next of the highly sought-after Restricted Quantity wine kits are here!

Portugal Trio Do Vihno Tinto
This dark red wine is an intensely flavourful blend of Aragones (Tempranillo), Cabernet Sauvignon, and Trincadeira. The bouquet is rich with red berries, anise and black pepper. The palate is well balanced with many layers of complexity. Initially there is fruitiness, followed by notes of mushroom and earth. Rich tannins from the American Heavy Toasted Oak spiral and Cabernet Merlot Genuwine Winery Dried Grape Skins help give this wine a long finish.
Food pairing: Pair this wine with red meats, Chorizo or other cured sausage, or a strong cheese.
Oak 4        Body 5        Sweetness 0
If you did not pre-order this kit, but in hindsight you wish you had, let us know, and we will put you on a list – just incase there are any kits left after all pre-orders have been purchased.

New Products

We are happy to announce some exciting new RJ Spagnols products!

Cellar Classic Winery Series French Grenache Syrah    $139/kit

Two of France’s dominant grapes are gracefully blended together to create a wine that will soon become the pride of any wine maker’s cellar.  The warm weather and terrior of this region lend to a bold wine with a nose brimming with spicy black pepper notes, dried dark fruit, earth and a hint of tobacco.  Fremented on Syrah Winery Grape Skins and French Oak, this wine is sure to impress with its elegant finish.

Compliment this French Grenache Syrah with spicy grilled meats, ham or roasted chicken in a hearty sauce.

Cellar Classic Winery Series Italian Rosso Bravissino    $139/kit

Italian tradition calls for cheering “Bravissimo” during a standing ovation, a name appropriate for this wine.  Fermented on Merlot Winery Grape skins and Hungarian Toasted Oak, this wine will develop into a complex, bold wine typical of the warm, sunny Tuscan region.  Cherry and plum notes are complimented with cassis and rich tannins lending to a graceful, lingering finish.  This wine is sure to have you cheering “Bravissimo” after every sip.
Italian Rosso Bravissimo is accented beautifully with classic dishes from the Tuscan region such as Steak Florentine, heavy pasta dishes and stews.

3 New Flavours From the Cru Orchard Breezin Mist line:

Super Fruits Gold Kiwi Pomelo Sauvignon Blanc

The sweet nectar of vitamin rich golden kiwi is combined with tart pomelo to create a perfectly balanced refresher. Combined with Sauvignon Blanc, the fruits come alive creating a bright, fruity, off dry wine.

Super Fruits Loquat Ginger Pinot Gris

On the palate it is comparable to its distant cousin, the apple, with its high sugar and slight acid. Combined with ginger’s subtle spice flavour, this Pinot Gris makes from a refreshing summer treat.

Blackcurrant White Merlot

Intense black current marges with the rish berry and fruit flavours naturally present in a white merlot.  This blend combines Marlot’s natural soft, supple nature but with a burst of full fruit flavours, creating an easy drinking, anytime wine.

En Primeur Clare Valley Grenache Rosé        $175/kit

Rosé wine sales in the commercial wine market have grown at a rate of 30% over the past 4 years. Consumers are embracing the slightly off dry, light, fruity flavours only a rosé can bring. However, trends show consumers are now looking for more complex and premium rosés. We want to assist you in capturing this market and take part in the trend by offering a rosé in an Ultra Premium wine kit.

One of Australia’s oldest wine regions, Clare Valley encompasses a wide range of elevations and microclimates. Cool  nights and warm days allow even and slow ripening of fruit, creating wines with crisp acidity and full fruit flavour.

This medium bodied rosé is a wine sure to please! Beautifully aromatic, with notes of lively citrus, soft rose petals  and light spice. Make this wine your own, either crisp and dry or with a slight hint of sweetness from the sweetening blend. This coral coloured wine is fantastic on it’s own or paired with grilled tuna and salmon.

As RJ Spagnols was only able to secure limited juice, En Primeur Clare Valley Grenache Rosé is available while quantities last on a first come first serve basis.

Recipe of the Month

Pair our En Primeur Grenache Rosé with this Grilled Tuna Steak with Eggplant and Zucchini recipe.


• 4 tuna steaks, 6 to 8 ounces
• 1 1/2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
• 6 sprigs fresh rosemary, leaves chopped
• Coarse salt and pepper
• Extra-virgin olive oil, for drizzling

Eggplant and Zucchini Topping:
• 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
• 4 cloves garlic, chopped
• 1 medium onion, chopped
• 1 small, young, firm eggplant
• 1 small zucchini
• 1 small yellow squash
• 6 sprigs fresh thyme, leaves chopped
• Salt and pepper
• 2 small vine ripe tomatoes, seeded and diced


Preheat grill pan to high. Coat tuna in balsamic and season with rosemary, salt and pepper. Drizzle fish with oil, coating lightly on both sides, about 2 tablespoons oil, total.
Preheat a medium nonstick skillet over medium high heat. Add 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil. Add garlic, onion and saute 2 or 3 minutes. Dice the zucchini and squash while the onion begins to soften. Add the zucchini and squash to the pan and turn to coat and combine with garlic and onion.

Slice eggplant into strips and dice, then add to the pan. Turn to combine all of the vegetables. Add thyme, salt and pepper to season the mixture. Cook over medium high heat, stirring frequently, 10 minutes, until vegetables are just fork tender.

Grill tuna 2 to 3 minutes on each side for rare, up to 6 minutes on each side for well done.
Top steaks with eggplant and zucchini mixture and enjoy with En Primeur Grenache Rosé.

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