The “Big & Easy Bottle Brew” series has just released a test batch of Brown Ale, and we have secured two cases!

This Brown Ale is brewed with 4 different malts:
1. Pale malt
2. Caristan Malt
3. Munich Malt
4. Chocolate Malt
These four malts give it a unique and full bodied flavor. Deep hazelnut brown in colour, this beer has a malty, nutty flavor.
The Brown Ale is unique with 2 capsules required to brew the beer:
– The first capsule is the traditional yeast pill
– The second capsule is an essential hop oil compound of the Cascade hops
The hop oil compound contribute to a complex and hoppy character. The micro bubble dispersion of the hop oils promotes maximum absorption of flavor and aroma components into the brew.

Beer will be 4.5% – 5.0% ABV.

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