Conner’s Wine Cellar is Chilliwack’s first and only on-premise wine making facility to offer oak barrel aging services!

The practice of using oak barrels to store and age wine is a centuries old tradition. Wine aged in oak barrels is enhanced with the addition of vanilla and oak overtones. Oak Barrels also allow for a small amount of evaporation of the contents during the aging period.  French oak is considered to be the most highly desires for wine barrels, as their forests produce wood with distinctive characteristics involving tightness of the wood grain as well as the amount of oak flavors that are imparted to the wine. Tight grained wood tends to impart the Oak characteristics (vanilla, spice and butter flavors) much more slowly than wood with looser grain.

We’ve purchased our first two 100 litre medium-toast French Oak barrels, so we can now oak age a maximum of 8 kits every three months.  We’ll be advertising which wines we will be cellaring every three months.  Demand is high, so if you’re interested in the next round of barrel aging, don’t delay – space is limited, and it’s first-come-first-served!

3 months of barrel aging is only $30!
That only adds a cost of $1 per bottle, and easily doubles the quality!

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