October 2010 Newsletter

  • October Featured Wine Kits
  • 2011 Restricted Quantity Wine Kits announced!
  • Holiday Entertaining Recipies & Wine Pairing!
  • Cru Select Specialty Festive Mixed Drink Recipies
  • Hockey Beer Season is here!

October Featured Wine Kits:

KenRidge Showcase German Muller-Thurgau
6-Week 16L Wine Kit
$115/kit ($5 off)

This aromatic wine has fruity flavours of peach, apple, pear, and touch of floral, along with an off-dry, soft, smooth mouth-feel.  Drink while young and fresh as a sipping wine or with roast chicken wraps, pan-fried fresh water fish, ham and Swiss on rye or lightly spiced grilled pork chops.

White         Body : 3   Sweetness : 1

KenRidge Showcase French Cabernet Sauvignon
6-Week 16L Wine Kit
$119/kit ($5 off)

Dark in colour and rich in tannin, this wine is brimming with blackcurrant and plum flavours. The richness of vanilla and cedarwood are produced with the addition of oak.  This is a wine worthy of aging.

Red           Body : 3   Sweetness : 0

Cru Select 2011 Restricted Quantity Wine Kits Announced!

Each Year Cru Select offers winemakers outstanding wines from the world’s leading vineyards.  Discerning winemakers eagerly anticipate the Restircted Quantities announcement, so they can stock their wine cellars with these exceptional vintages.  These wines have become known as industry benchmarks of quality.

We are excited to announce the 2011 line-up of restricted quantity wine kits! Sign up now for these mouth-watering wine kits and be the envy of all your wine making (or simply wine appreciating) friends!  You don’t want to miss out!

Release Date: December 2010

Chardonnay Garganega

Enjoy this full-bodied white wine, which receives its luscious mouthfeel from fermentationon raisins in a white amarone style experience.  Note tropical fruit, peach and a touch of minerality on the nose, which follows through to a palate with a hint of raisins and elderflower.

Oak     0    Body    4    Sweetness    1

Release Date: December 2010

SPAIN TORRO $123/kit
Tempranillo Grenache

This wine has an intense red characterized by cigar box and dark fruit on the nose, finishing with dates, prunes and cherry on the palate.  Made in a Crianza style, toasted French oak completes the experience.  Ole!

Release Date: February 2011

CHILE TREK $140/kit
Malbec Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot

Opening with dark roasted notes of coffee and chocolate with a hint of blackberries, this wine balances the best of four classic varietals.  Fermentation on Cabernet Merlot Genuwine Winery Dried Grape Skins and French oak completes this monumental taste experience.

Oak    2    Body    5    Sweetness    0

Release Date: March 2011

Syrah Zinfandel Barbera

Intense fruit flavours of dried fruits such as dates are balanced by smooth chocolate and hints of vanilla.  Your experience is enhanced with fermentation on Hungarian oak cubes and Shiraz Genuwine Winery Dried Grape Skins.

Oak    4    Body    5    Sweetness    0

Release Date: April 2011

Pinot Grigio Chardonnay Torrontes

A perfectly balanced expresison of style, notes of apricot and apple with a hint of spice dance on your palate.  Graced lightly with toasted oak, this wine has a dramatic flair that will have you and your partner reaching for another glass.

Oak    2    Body    4    Sweetness    0

Holiday Entertaining Recipes

With the holiday entertaining just around the corner and a well stocked cellar, try these recipes to pair with your Grand Cru International wines or mix up these Cru Specialty Holiday mixed drinks. These pairings and festive mixed drinks are sure to have your guests asking for more!

Orange Chipotle Shrimp

12 large tiger prawns (peeled and deveined)

1 tbsp chopped chipotle chilli

Juice of 2 oranges

3 tbsp cilantro

1 tbsp grape seed oil

Salt to taste

Combine chipotle chilli, orange juice, cilantro, and grape seed oil in a bowl. Add shrimp, mix thoroughly and allow to marinate in refrigerator for 30 mins.

Preheat cast iron or heavy bottom pan with a little bit of oil. Add shrimp, careful not to over crowd and cook turning once until pink approx 3

Pair this Orange Chipotle Shrimp recipe with Grand Cru International Italian Pinot Grigio.

Beef Asado with Chimichurri

Beef tenderloin or New York strip steak, 1 per person

Cook on a medium heated grill, slowly, basting with chimichurri until cooked to your preference.


1 cup Italian parsley

6 garlic cloves

1 teaspoon chopped fresh oregano

Pinch dried chilli flakes

Salt and pepper

1/4 cup malt or red wine vinegar

1 cup olive oil

In a food processor, combine parsley, cloves, chilli, salt and pepper.

Puree until fine and add vinegar and oil.

Pair this Beef Asado recipe with Grand Cru International Malbec Syrah.

Cru Select Specialty Festive Mixed Drink Receipies! … Because Everyday is Special!


1 oz. Cru Specialty Riesling Ice Wine
2 oz. Vodka

Shake with ice and strain into a pre-chilled Martini glass.

Tickled Pink

1.5 oz Cru Specialty Cabernet Franc Ice Wine

3.5 oz sparkling wine.

Top ice wine with sparkling wine

A Slice of Pie

1oz vodka
1oz apple juice
1oz Apple Tatin White Port

1 pinch ground cinnamon

Shake vodka, apple juice and Apple Tatin White Port.

Pour into glass and lightly dust with cinnamon.

Hockey Beer Season is Here!

Don’t let your fridge suffer from neglect this Hockey season!  Stock up with fresh, all natural and preservative-free MicroBrewed Beer, available at Conner’s Wine Cellar in just 3 short weeks.

At about half the cost of mega-brewery prices, watching the game & enjoying great beer has never been more economical!

Twelve styles to choose from –

American Premium Lager
Cream Ale
Mexican Cerveza
Light Canadian Lager
Honey Blond Ale
India Pale Ale
Munich Dark Lager
Pale Ale
Prairie Wheat
Red Ale

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