A: Yes, but only once.  Under the terms of our liquor license, we are not permitted to give full assistance during the bottling process except in one circumstance: when the customer has indicated at bottling time that they are not physically able to complete the steps themselves.   We can then give assistance, but we’re required to tell you that you need to bring help on your next visit.

The Liquor Control and Licencing Branch has this to say:

If the customer is physically incapable of safely performing some of the steps outlined below, you may provide greater assistance.  However, you must tell the customer to bring a friend, family member, or care giver to help on their next visit.”
“The customer must wash and sterilize their own bottles, remove or deface any commercial labels, bottle and seal the product, affix labels or other decorative items if desired, then remove the product from your UBrew/UVin immediately after bottling. ”
“You or your staff may help [any] customer by;
– demonstrating the bottling mechanism and process by filling ONE bottle for the customer
– demonstrating the corking mechanism and process by corking ONE bottle for the customer
– demonstrate the labeling and shrink-topping procedure by labeling and shrink-topping one bottle for the customer
– handing empty bottles to the customer while he or she fills the bottles
– placing the filled bottles in cases
– carrying the bottled product to the customer’s vehicle”



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