September 2012 Newsletter


  • September / October Specials!
  • September/October Oak Barrel Aging features!
  • RJ Spagnols Academy Conference in Niagara!
  • Announcing RQ 2013!
  • Glad Hatter / M&M Meats Promotion!
  • Cru Select Seasonal Specialty Ports now available!
  • Holiday Releases! Orchard Breezin’ CranApple Chardonnay
  • Limited Release Grand Cru International kits!
  • Bottling Station improvements
  • Price Increases
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  • Last chance to vote for us in the Chilliwack Progress A-List!


September Specials

Cru Select New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

Crisp and light, with intense flavours of grapefruit peel and freshly cut grass and an accent of light oak on the finish. The wine presents soft hues, with a slight tinge of green.

Reg $118/kit Sale $108/kit

Cellar Classic Chardonnay

Our version of this classic is clean and crisp with rich toasted oak flavours and a hint of apples and pears.
Reg $106/kit Sale $96/kit


October Specials


Cellar Classic Winery Series Washington Merlot

Reg $149/kit   Sale $139/kit

This elegant ruby-coloured Merlot features a rich aromatic bouquet of fresh red cherries, toasted oak, and herbs. Medium-to-full-bodied, GenuWine Winery Grape Skins add structure and balance to the expressive flavours of dark ripe plums, berries, and silky tannins.


Cellar Classic Winery Series California Syrah

Reg $149/kit   Sale $139/kit

Bold and assertive, the bouquet is vibrant with notes of blackcurrants, rich leather, and pepper spice laced with strong toasted oak. Fermentation on GenuWine Winery Grape Skins reveals bold overtones of dark chocolate, spice and an abundance of bold, chewy tannins.


Cellar Classic Winery Series California Cabernet Sauvignon

Reg $149/kit   Sale $139/kit

This complex, full-bodied wine has a deep garnet colour with an appealing aroma of plump blackberries, sweet vanilla and fresh violets. Notes of blackberries, cherries and pepper spice grace the palate, enhanced with rich tannins extracted from the GenuWine Winery Grape Skins.


September/October Oak Barrel Aging Features

September Oak Barrel Aging Feature:

Cru Select Chilean Malbec

Price with Kit, Service Fee, 3 Months Oak Barrel Aging: $202


Aromas of crushed blackberries and vanilla follow through to a densely packed palate richly blessed with streaks of chocolate interwoven with abundant oak tones. Fermented on heavy toasted Hungarian oak shavings, the finish is dramatic and long.


October Oak Barrel Aging Feature:

Calvin has sourced fresh Cabernet and Merlot grapes from California which he will be crushing and destemming himself and offering 2 very lucky people (and keeping 2 batches for himself) this exclusive offer to make this into very special Oak Barrel Aged wine!

Calvin’s Exclusive Cabernet Merlot with 3 Months Oak Barrel Aging, $250 per batch
Includes fresh Cabernet Merlot grape juice, service fee, and 3 months oak barrel aging


You do not want to miss out on this super exclusive one time offer!


RJ Spagnols Academy Conference in Niagara!


This August we were fortunate enough to be able to attend the RJ Spagnols Academy Conference in Niagara! While we were there, we took part in many activities including having exclusive private tours of the Inniskillin and Jackson Triggs wineries,

Inniskillin Winery, Niagara

Inniskillin Winery, Niagara

sharing ideas with other U-Vins across the country, learning about upcoming products and promotions, and discussing how to improve our business and promote the wine making industry as a whole. We even managed to do a bit of sightseeing! After all, we couldn’t go all the way to Niagara without seeing Niagara Falls could we?

Jackson Triggs Winery, Niagara


Niagara Falls, Canada

Announcing RQ 2013 from RJ Spagnols and Vineco!!

Those of you who have had the Restriced Quantity wines in the past know how excellent they are!
Always highly sought after and always award winning – you don’t want to miss out!

We are happy to announce this year’s RQ 2013 lineup!

These kits will be available beginning December 2012 through April 2013 but only by pre-order, so please let us know via email, phone, or in-store if you are interested!

Deadline for Pre-orders is November 30, 2012


RJ Spagnols Restricted Qualtity Kits available by Pre-Order only!

Alsatian Riesling $125/kit – Available December

Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon $140/kit – Available December

Australian Grenache Syrah $140/kit – Available February

Italian Sangiovese Merlot $125/kit – Available March

New Zealand Pinot Gris $125/kit – Available April


Vineco Restricted Qualtity Kits available by Pre-Order only!

Australia Shiraz Mataro (Shiraz/Mourvedre) $135/kit – Available December

California Grand Red (Cabernet/Shiraz/Merlot) $159/kit – Available January

Italy Three Vineyards (Pinot Grigio/Chardonnay/Trebbiano/Riesling/Gewurztraminer) $126/kit- Available January

France Cabernet Sauvignon $135/kit – Available February

Italy Sangiovese Cabernet Sauvignon $159/kit – Available March


Glad Hatter / M&M Meats Promotion

A Holiday offer we couldn’t keep under our hat!

A perfect pairing for entertaining! Purchase a Glad Hatter Wine Kit and receive a complimentary M&M Meat Shops Cash Card for $25 OFF a $50 purchase!

Also “LIKE” Glad Hatter on Facebook for a chance to win a $500 M7M Meat Shops Cash Card!

This promotion starts September 17th and ends October 21, 2012

Cash Card expiry date: November 30, 2012

For more information on our Glad Hatter wine kits, visit


Cru Select Seasonal Specialty Ports now available!

We are excited to announce that the Cru Select Seasonal Specialty Ports are now available for a limited time while quantities last!

These kits fly off the shelves so hurry in before you miss out!

Toasted Caramel Port Style **NEW!!** $99/kit

Intensely creamy and pleasantly sweet, this full-bodied port combines rich caramel aroma with the robust flavours of red fruit. The buttery caramel notes give this wine a roundness and texture on the palate that is perfectly balanced with rich toasted notes on the finish.

Coffee Port Style $99/kit

(Carole’s personal favourite)

Typical of medium roast coffee, aromas of toffee, burnt marshmallow, and chocolate will entice your palate with finishes of vanilla.

Orange Chocolate Port Style $99/kit

Rich aromas of dark chocolate are set gracefully against a frame of refreshing citrus and vanilla notes. This wine has hints of orange peel and a medium-sweet finish.

White Chocolate White Port Style $99/kit

The senses are awakened by this thick, honey coloured wine and its fruity nose. Hints of toasted hazelnut and vanilla are balanced perfectly by velvety smooth white chocolate.

Apple Tatin White Port Style $99/kit

Filled with warm flavours of tart apples and perfectly balanced with rich, sweet toffee. Hints of cinnamon and brown sugar complete the experience.


Holiday Releases! Orchard Breezin’ CranApple Chardonnay


This low alcohol white wine features tart green apples balanced out by smooth white cranberries to create an easy drinking wine with a crisp, refreshing finish.


Limited Release Grand Cru International kits are here!

Get ready for the holidays! Make sure to stock up on these limited releases for the holiday season!

Syrah Rose

Oak 0 Body 2 Sweetness 0

Refreshing and mouth-watering, this rose wine will tantalize your senses. With notes of strawberries, pear, and a hint of pomegranate, it is a perfect wine for entertaining as it pairs well with many foods.


Oak 0 Body 2 Sweetness 1

This fresh and vibrant white wine is a true crowd pleaser. Light-bodied with aromas of passion fruit, pineapple, elderflowers, and lychee, a sip of this wine will treat your palate to an impressive lineup of tropical and stone fruit.


Oak 3 Body 3 Sweetness 0

Dark chocolate notes carry throughout, with hints of dried red fruits and green pepper on the nose. This wine kit comes with Dried Winery skins and a blend of American and French oak chips.


Bottling Station Improvements

In order to make our wine bottling process easier and more efficient, we have acquired a new stainless steel wine bottling machine nozzle.  This new nozzle is cleaner and much more efficient.  No more wine splashes or drips while bottling, fills to the perfect level every time, and way less cleanup!


Price Increases

We wanted to give our valued customers a heads up regarding a price increase on some of our wine kits.

We have recently received notice from our supplier RJ Spagnols, that because of the rising costs of raw materials, they will be raising our costs of all wine kits and supplies 3% effective October 1st, and in order to not lose money as a small business we unfortunately also need to modestly raise our prices on some of our wine kits. The good news for white wine drinkers is that many of our great white kits will not be affected.

We wish we didn’t have to raise our prices, and as a matter of fact, this is the 3rd price increase from our supplier over the last 18 months, but we have only raised prices once.

With that said, we wanted to give you a heads up so that if you wish, you can save a few bucks by putting on your kits before the price increase goes into effect.  Although our supplier is raising our prices effective October 1st, we would like to extend an extra month notice to our valued customers and hold off our price increases until November 1st.

We thank you very much in advance for your understanding in this matter.

New price list brochures will be available soon as well as an updated list on our website.


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