Selected Cellar Classic Winery Series 6 Week Kits $12 off!

Red: Italian Super Tuscan
White: South African Sauvignon Blanc

Cellar Classic Winery Series showcases our expertise and commitment to carry on the age-old winemaking traditions as practiced in the finest grape growing regions of the world.

Selected Cru Select 6 Week Kits $10 off!

Red: Australian Cab Shiraz Merlot
White: Italian Pinot Grigio

Cru Select offers a diverse collection of white and red wines from around the world. Each wine has just the right body, flavour, clarity and bouquet to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Selected Grand Cru International 5 Week Kits $8 off!

Red: BC Pinot Noir
White: Ontario Sauvignon Blanc

Grand Cru International will produce exquisite, easy-to-drink wines that are expressively bold in their youth, yet graceful with a few months of aging.


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