We’ve just done our year-end sales reports and projections, and thought you’d be interested to know what the top-10 kits were (by sales) in 2014.  We have the same top 2 for 2014 as we did for 2013! Malbec gained popularity in 2014, with 3 different kits making the top 10!

1.) Glad Hatter 5-Week Italian Pinot Grigio
2.) Cru Select 6-week Italian Pinot Grigio
3.) Vino del Vida 4-Week Gewürztraminer
4.) Cru Select 6-Week Chilean Malbec
5.) Grand Cru International 5-Week Washington Merlot
6.) Glad Hatter 5-Week Chilean Malbec
7.) Grand Cru International 5-Week Chilean Malbec
8.) Cru Select 6-Week Australian Chardonnay
9.) Brew House Premium Lager
10.) Cellar Classic 6-Week Rosé (White Zinfandel)

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