Buy any two specially marked Wyeast smack packs for just $9.75 total!

We need to blow out some smack packs in order to make room for a fresh new shipment.  As these pack are nearing their best before date, you need to make a yeast starter to revitalize it – but I tested the oldest 4 packs and they all made viable starters and good beer!

The 2-for-1 sale will be on until the end of July, or while quantities last, whichever comes first.  These are the strains that the sale applies to:

Wyeast 2007 – Pilsen Lager : The classic American Lager strain.
Wyeast 2206 – Bavarian Lager : Used by many German breweries to produce bocks and dopplebocks.
Wyeast 2278 – Czech Pilsner : This classic Pilsner strain is the perfect choice for Pilsners.
Wyeast 2308 – Munich Lager : This is a unique strain, capable of producing fine lagers.
Wyeast 2035 – American Lager : A complex and aromatic strain that can be used for a variety of lager beers.
Wyeast 1028 – London Ale : A rich, minerally profile that is bold and crisp with some fruitiness. Often used for higher gravity ales.
Wyeast 1007 – German Ale : A true top cropping yeast with low ester formation and a broad temperature range.
Wyeast 1388 – Belgian Strong Ale : The classic choice for brewing golden strong ales.
Wyeast 1335 – British Ale II : A classic British ale profile.
Wyeast 1187 – Ringwood Ale : Expect distinct fruit esters with a malty, complex profile.

The sale starts NOW!  First come first serve.  Call to reserve, and I will hold for one business day.

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