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Voted Chilliwack's Best U-Vin 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015!
Local Chilliwack owners supporting Local businesses and local causes
Our wine maker has won over 70 medals
in local, provincial, national, and international competitions!
Awarded Exclusive Membership in:
Winner of 2011 RSJ Academy Award
For Excellence in Consumer Experience

We are Carole and Calvin Quaite, the proud owners of Conner's Wine Cellar since February 1st, 2007. Locally born and raised, our roots are firmly planted in the Chilliwack soil, and we are proud to support the local economy and local causes. We sell only the highest quality RJ Spagnols, WinExpert, Cellar Craft and Vineco products, and are a provider of on-site beer and wine-making services. We also boast one of BC's largest selections of homebrew equipment, ingredients and supplies - including a vast array of hard to source hops, malts, grains, and liquid yeasts from around the world.

RJ Spagnols wine kits have won more awards in local, national, and international competitions than any other Canadian wine kit manufacturer, and we are very proud to be associated with products of such high quality and reputation.

In the past four years, Calvin has won dozens of medals for his beer recipes. If you're a home brewer, you'll love that we boast the largest retail selection of brewer's grains, hops, malts, yeasts and adjuncts in the province. As Chilliwack's largest home brew supply shop, you'll find everything you need here!

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RQ 2016 – A Festival of Festivals

Each year we offer craft winemakers the opportunity to create truly outstanding wines made from the best grapes grown in world-renowned winemaking regions. These distinctive wines are available for a limited time and are released under our Restricted Quantities (RQ) brand. This year, we bring you A Festival of Festivals – wines inspired by local... »View More

January 2015 Features

Selected Cru Select 6-week premium wine kits are being featured for $10 off  this month! Cru Select French Merlot : $10 off Cru Select Australian Shiraz : $10 off Cru Select Australian Viognier Pinot Gris : $10 off Cru Select Australian Chardonnay : $10 off Share »View More

Top Wine Kits of 2015

The year end numbers are in, and we’ve calculated what our Top Wine Kits of 2015 were, by number of kits sold. Without further adieu, here are the wines that our customers enjoyed the most! 1.) Glad Hatter Italian Pinot Grigio 2.) Grand Cru International Chilean Malbec 3.) Grand Cru International Washington Merlot 4.) Vino Del Vida Cabernet Sauvignon... »View More

Current Oak Barrel Aging Availabilities

Current Oak Barrel Aging Availabilities: We have two barrels coming available in February.  Two of the Eight available spots have already been claimed, so act fast to get one of the remaining six spots! Cellar Classic Winery Series Australian Cabernet Sauvignon $228.15 (Price includes premium wine kit, service fee, 3 months Oak Barrel Aging, tax) This... »View More