Have you ever had a wine-snob drive you bananas with their over-the-top analysis on how wine should taste? Let’em try your Cheeky Monkey and show’em how anybody can make a great wine with ATTITUDE!
Cheeky Monkey is a premium 10L, 4-week, country-of-origin wine kit.
Like the monkey, get cheeky and thumb your nose at the traditionalist, follow your own path to great wine!
Choose Cheeky Monkey and make everyone take notice!

German Gewurztraminer
HOW SWEET IT IS TO HAVE A WINE LIKE THIS! The little MONKEY with ATTITUDE is at it again with this off-dry white wine from Germany. A pale, yellow colour catches your eye while floral, spicy aromas fill the air. The wine’s real character is evident in the taste where semi-sweet fruit flavours of peach and apricot continue into a persistent finish. The spicy notes on the nose and tongue create an ideal match for oriental dishes, smoked salmon and or mildly spiced foods.
Alc./Vol. 11.5% Sugar Code: 2 (with Sweet Reserve)

Australian Unoaked Chardonnay
CRIKEY! NO WOOD! No worries, this great white will have all the ‘Sheilas’ wanting to get Cheeky!! This wine is a true reflection of the climate it comes from. Chardonnay’s many unique flavours are enhanced by the rich red soils and warm Aussie sun. You will enjoy hints of apple, pineapple and tropical fruit. A great wine with such seafood dishes as butter-soaked lobster and smoked salmon. It’s even great with chicken from the ‘barbie’, smothered in a creamy alfredo sauce.
Alc./Vol. 12.0%

Washington State Pinot Gris
President Washington would even GO APE over this great new product! The lush soils and cool climate of the American North-West bring out such CHEEKY smells and tastes as pear, white peach and pineapple. However, the real attitude of this wine comes through at the end. Great body, zesty acidity and a refreshing finish make this an amazing choice on its own or with light pasta dishes or a shrimp and chicken dish.
Alc./Vol. 13.0%

South African Sauvignon Blanc
THIS WINE WILL HAVE YOU DRUMMING TO THE AFRICAN BEAT! A pale straw colour is complimented by aromas of such CHEEKY tropical fruit as green pineapple, guava, pears and light herbal notes. This light to medium-bodied sipper is a great beverage on a hot day because of its crisp, green apple flavours and refreshing finish. If you insist on having it with food then try matching it with a salad, lightly battered fish, and or poultry.
Alc./Vol. 13.5%

California Riesling
DUDE, THIS WINE IS NARLEY!!! If there is a wine that surfer’s would like then this is it. The warm California sun and cool ocean breezes bring out the best in Riesling. Not to mention that it is great to enjoy on the beach with seafood! This off-dry Riesling is a light straw colour with aromas of citrus and floral on the nose. On the palate you will enjoy flavours of crisp citrus fruit, honey and apricots. For food pairings try salty dishes like asian cuisine and antipasto plates.
Alc./Vol. 11.5% Sugar Code: 1

Argentinian Syrah Rose
DON’T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA! Why would you? Not with this cool refreshing wine. This dry pinky is just the thing to set your taste buds singing. With red berry and cherry flavours the light-bodied rose will awaken the senses and soothe the soul. Tango the night away then enjoy it paired with lightly spiced chicken and feta dishes, pork tenderloin or tapas. Just remember to take the rose out from between your teeth!
Alcohol: 13%

Italian Sangiovese Syrah
OPPOSITES REALLY DO ATTRACT (when it comes to wine anyway). Slightly feminine Sangiovese brings strawberry, plum and delicate spice notes to this “Bellissimo” of a marriage while Syrah wears the pants offering intense blackberry, black currant and black pepper spice character. Deep ruby red in colour, this full bodied wine is bursting with flavour. You’ll be saying “Grazie” when you pair it with meat lasagna, pastas in marinara sauce and pepperoni and mushroom pizza.

Chilean Merlot
YO, YO, YO, THIS IS ONE TASTY MAIR-LO! A deep brick-red colour along with rich fruity aromas of blackberry and plum heighten your senses before diving into this South American treat. The real CHEEKY-ness of this wine is found in the taste where flavours of fruit, cedar, earth and spice join to create a well structured wine with moderate tannins. For some Chilean attitude pair this wine with native dishes that include roast beef, lamb and or pepper stir fry!
Alc./Vol. 13.5%

Australian Shiraz
ACE! The ‘BLOKES’ will love it! Here’s a wine that all your ‘mates’ will be begging you for! Shiraz is what Aussie wine is all about, big and bold! Shiraz like the “Land Down Under” is dry and intense with lots of ATTITUDE! This wine has flavours of plums, black berries and black currants that are complimented by a peppery finish which is a result of the addition of toasted oak. This zesty choice serves well with beef tenderloin and grilled pepper steak.
Alc./Vol. 12.0%

Chilean Pinot Noir
CRY NO MORE HERE’S A GREAT PINOT NOIR! Intensely aromatic, with notes of violets, rose petals and red berry fruits. A CHEEKY choice for that special person in your life. This wine offers a violet colour and a nice medium body with notes of toasted vanilla on the nose and the palate. Show what your made of by serving it with grilled chicken pasta!
Alc./Vol. 14.0%

Chilean Malbec
THIS VINO IS MUY BUENO! This is a bright ruby red wine with smells of cherry jam topped with hints of chocolate. For some Cheeky ATTITUDE, taste and see the well rounded flavours of cherry and mint mix with structured acidity before its beautiful smooth finish. For ideal tastiness, meal suggestions include poultry or pork dishes but this wine is so Cheeky that it could even be tried on its own at a slightly cooler than room temperature.
Alc./Vol. 13.5%

South African Cabernet Sauvignon
THIS WINE WILL AWAKEN THE INNER SPIRIT IN YOU! With a deep red colour and aromas of strawberry jam, leather and plum this wine will surely warm your heart. The ATTITUDE becomes evident when you taste it and experience full flavours of blueberry, strawberry and black cherry before it finishes soft and easy. Ideal food pairings consist of tomato based pastas and red meats but for a nibbler, try it with 3-6 Year Old Cheddar.
Alc./Vol. 13.5%

California Zinfandel Shiraz
YEE HAW FOR THIS GREAT WESTERN WINE! This popular California blend of Zinfandel and Shiraz is quite CHEEKY because it captures the western winemaking spirit of being big, bold and beautiful. Zinfandel’s fruity red characteristics of raspberry jam, cranberry, black cherry and licorice blend well with the black currant, blackberry and pepper notes found in Shiraz. Grilled steaks or chops or hearty beef stews make a perfect match at dinner time.
Alc./Vol. 13.0%

Italian Valpolicella
THIS WINE WILL HAVE YOU SINGING ‘AMORE’ EVERYTIME YOU TRY IT! Blessed with the great colour and taste that only a true Italian Valpolicella has, this wonderful red will have you going APE! Aromas and flavours of plum and cherry makeup this soft and smooth tasting wine from beginning to end. Great food pairings include red sauce pastas and meat lovers pizza.
Alc./Vol. 13.5%