Taking home unfinished bottles of wine from of bar or restaurant is now legal in British Columbia.

You may lawfully take home a bottle of unfinished wine from a licensed establishment, but it must be sealed for you by an employee of the restaurant, bar, pub, etc., and, if you are driving, you must transport it properly – not readily accessible to anyone in the motor vehicle (stored behind the seat, in the trunk, etc.)

Read more at the BC Liquor Control website.

But now that you’ve got a half a bottle with a cork in it, the question is, how long will it last?

There are lots of variables regarding the wine type, method of production, age of bottle, etc. There are many considerations and exceptions but for 95% of the wine that most people drink, the answer is pretty simple: Three (3) days. Once a bottle of wine is opened, the oxygen in the air starts a process that initially softens the flavors and opens up the aromas of the wine. As this process (oxidation) continues over many hours and days, the wine is ultimately made undrinkable. The trick is to use the wine before it becomes unpalatable or to pour it out before bad wine is served to guests.

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