Conner’s Wine Cellar Newsletter February 2010

  • Open House Feb 27
  • February Featured Kits
  • Oak Barrel Aging Offers
  • New website!
  • February RQ now available!
  • RJ Spagnols discontinued products
  • Now selling Vineco products!

We will be having our 3 year anniversary open house and customer appreciation day on Saturday, February 27th!

You don’t want to miss this special event! There will be games, refreshments, munchies, and prizes to be won!

As a special offer exclusive to our newsletter subscribers, we would like to offer you 2-for-1 service charges on any kits you buy on Saturday February 27th! This is a $40 value when 2 kits are purchased – a greater value than the 15% off kit discount that will be offered to the general public in our newspaper ads. Simply let us know that you read about our Customer Appreciation Day in our newsletter!

* Also any purchases made on this day will draw from the cookie jar for future discounts and gift certificates *

(Cannot be combined with any other discount. Offer only valid February 27th)

We look forward to seeing you!

February Featured Kits

VDV 9L Merlot (Reg $69) Sale $59

GCI Chilean Malbec (Reg $89) Sale $76

CC Rosso Grande (Reg $106) Sale $96

CC Gewurztraminer (Reg $102) Sale $92

CCWS Rosso Grande Ecc (Reg $139) Sale $124

CS German Gewurz. ( Reg $115) Sale $98

CS Aus Cab Shiraz Merlot (Reg $119) Sale $104

Oak Barrel Aging Offers

“Three months in the barrel is like a year in the bottle”

We had a cancellation in January’s barrel, so 1 opening has come available for oak barrel aging of:
Cru Select Australian Cabernet Shiraz Merlot

$189 (includes wine kit, vintner’s fee, 3 months of oak barrel aging)


February’s Barrel is almost full – only one space left:
Grand Cru International Chilean Malbec

$159 (includes wine kit, vintner’s fee, 3 months of oak barrel aging)


We are now taking orders for March’s Barrel aging.
CC Winery Series Rosso Grande Excellente

$209 (includes wine kit, vintner’s fee, 3 months of oak barrel aging)


Our first barrel, started in November, was a HUGE success – the quality of wine, even on bottling day, far exceeded even our loftiest expectations.  Everyone that participated in the first barrel has already either signed up for the next barrel or has expressed interest, so we expect that in the coming months barrel aging is going to become a hot commodity – sign up early to avoid disappointment!  Only 4 batches per month can be accommodated in our three ‘medium toast Genuine French Oak barrels’.

If you have any suggestions for April’s barrel aging, please let us know!

New Website!

We thought it was time to update the look of our website, so please take a browse through and let us know what you think!

February Restricted Quantity Wine Kit now available!

The next of the highly sought-after Restricted Quantity wine kits are here!

Argentina Torrontés

The signature fragrant white grape of Argentina, Torrontés (related to Muscat)is one of the “aromatic varietals” distinctive and exclusive to this South American region. It produces a wine with a bouquet rich with tropical fruits, honey and sweet floral notes. The flavour is unexpected – crisp and refreshing with a vibrant acidity, citrus notes and a hint of spice with an enduring finish.

Oak 0 Body 3 Sweetness 0

If you did not pre-order this kit, but in hindsight you wish you had, let us know, and we will put you on a list – just incase there are any kits left after all pre-orders have been purchased.

RJ Spagnols Discontinued Products

We have just received notice from RJ Spagnols that 64 wine kits are being discontinued effective immediately. Fortunately, the bulk of the discontinued kits were not product that we kept in stock. It will be first come first serve with buying the remaining kits in stock until they run out. They have also sent us a list of suggested replacement kits, should you find your favorites are no longer available.

Please let us know if you would like us to try to get any of these kits for you before they are gone forever!


Cellar Classic Chardonnay/Semillon
Cellar Classic Bergamais
Cellar Classic Harvest Sangiovese Merlot
Cellar Classic Chamblaise
Cellar Classic Liebfraumilch
Cellar Classic Harvest Tempranillo
Cellar Classic Harvest Barolo Bianco
Cellar Classic Lemberger

Cru Select Australian Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc
Cru Select Sa Pinotage Cabernet
Cru Select Specialty White Ice Wine Style
Cru Select SA Petit Chenin Blanc
Cru Select Specialty Red Ice Wine Style
Cru Select Specialty Port Style

Grand Cru International California Zinfandel

Vino Del Vida 9L California White
Vino Del Vida 9L French Colombard
Vino Del Vida 9L Red Zinfandel
Vino Del Vida 9L Chenin Blanc
Vino Del Vida 9L Bourgeron Rouge
Vino Del Vida 9L Fume Blanc
Vino Del Vida 9L Bordailles Rouge
Vino Del Vida 9L Bourgeron Blanc
Vino Del Vida 9L Niersteiner
Vino Del Vida 9L California Red
Vino Del Vida 9L Musette
Vino Del Vida 9L Ruisseau Blanc
Vino Del Vida 9L Bordailles Blanc

Orchard Breezin’ Pink Grapefruit White Shiraz
Orchard Breezin’ Calypso Bianco
Orchard Breezin’ Citrus Ice Sauv Blanc
Orcahrd Breezin Orange Passionfruit Grenache Rose

Vinoka Cider/Cooler Flavours
Vinoka Citrus-Dry 500ml
Vinoka Pineapple-Org 500ml
Vinoka Margarita 500ml
Vinoka Nectarine 500ml
Vinoka Pinacolada 1L
Vinoka Kiwi 500ml
Vinoka Crabapple 500ml

Now Selling Vineco Products!

We are very excited to be able to offer our customers a brand new line of premium wine kits from Vineco that will compliment our existing RJ Spagnols line.

We have already had great success with Vineco’s Cheeky Monkey 4-week wine kits and are excited to try more Vineco products!  We have tried the Kenridge Founder’s Series and have found them to be extremely high quality premium 18L pure juice kits that will appeal to our customers who are looking for something new in high-end kits.  We’re looking forward to featuring them at our Feb. 27th Open House!

Please check out their products via their website and let us know what you would like us to bring in for you!

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