February ’14 Newsletter

  • February Specials
  • Customer Appreciation Anniversary Sale!
  • February Oak Barrel Aging Feature
  • CS RQ14 Demember release now in-stock!
  • Limited Releases
  • New Products
  • Grape sourcing changes
  • Discontinued Items



February Specials:

In-stock specials while quantities last:

Vino del Vida 4-wk Gewurztraminer SALE $62.50/kit to-go, or $109.05 made on-premise

Orchard Breezin 4-wk Seville Orange Sangria SALE $60/kit to-go, or $106.55 made on-premise

Brewhouse 3-wk Pumpkin Ale SALE $38/kit to-go, or $84.55 made on-premise


Customer Appreciation Anniversary Sale

Time sure does fly when you’re having fun! Can you believe it has been 7 years since we started here at Conner’s Wine Cellar?

We would like to give a big thank you to all of our loyal customers by offering an exclusive sale on a huge selection of in-stock wine kits while quantities last!

You are all our VIP’s and we wouldn’t have been able to do this without you!

Our sale will be running for 2 days – Friday, February 28th, and Saturday, March 1st.

Grand Cru International 5-wk Italian Sangiovese  SALE $82/kit
Grand Cru International 5-wk Chilean Malbec SALE $82/kit
Grand Cru International 5-wk Washington Merlot SALE $82/kit
Grand Cru International 5-wk Ontario Sauvignon Blanc  SALE $74/kit
Cellar Classic 6-wk Rosso Grande  SALE $102/kit
Cellar Classic 6-wk Gewurztraminer  SALE $96/kit
Cru Select 6-wk Australian Cabernet Shiraz Merlot  SALE $108/kit
Cru Select 6-wk Italian Pinot Grigio SALE $103/kit
Cru Select 6-wk Italian Valpola Ripassa  SALE $123/kit
Cru Select 6-wk Australian Chardonnay  SALE $103/kit
Cellar Classic Winery Series 6-wk Italian Amarone  SALE $132/kit
Cellar Classic Winery Series 6-wk Australian Cabernet Sauvignon  SALE $128/kit
Cellar Classic Winery Series 6-wk Italian Super Tuscan  SALE $128/kit

(Prices listed are kit prices. To be made on-premise add $46.55 vintner fee per kit)

We hope to see you there!



February Oak Barrel Aging Feature

Cellar Classic Winery Series California Cabernet Sauvignon $228.05

Price Includes Premium wine kit, service fee, 3 months Oak Barrel Aging, tax)

4 Spaces available so act fast!


If you are interested in Oak Barrel Aging a particular type of wine, please let us know, so we can contact you if that becomes our Oak Barrel Aging feature!

With that said, if you are interested in filling a whole barrel (4 batches of the same type of wine), you can do so at any time. As well, for filling a whole barrel, you will receive 1/2 price Oak Barrel Aging (you save $60!).




CS RQ14 Demember release now in-stock!

The Cru Select Restricted Quantity Demember release is available and in-stock!

Australia Shiraz Viognier $149/kit

This deep red wine begins with aromas of cherry, blackberry, and violets as well as hints of pepper, vanilla, and chocolate that integrate through on the palate.

Oak 4 Body 4 Sweetness 0




Limited Releases Still Available

Cru Specialty Dessert Wine Kits:

$99/kit to-go, or $145.55 made on-premise

Black Forest Port
Toasted Caramel Port
Orange Chocolate Port
Coffee Port
White Chocolate Port

Grand Cru International Spanish Tempranillo Cabernet $95/kit to-go, or $141.55 made on-premise.

Brewhouse Beer Kits:

Pumpkin Ale SALE $38/kit
Pale Wheat Ale $50/kit
Oatmeal Stout $50/kit


New Products

NEW! Cellar Classic Winery Series Pinot Grigio

Coming in April!

$148/kit or $194.55 made on-premise

This light-bodied refreshing white wine opens with citrus, flora and pear notes. An excellent harmony of fruit and acid create a crisp finish that reveals hints of citrus and green apple.


NEW from Orchard Breezin’: Tropical Lime!

$69/kit or $155.55 made on-premise

Orchard Breezin’ is proud to announce its latest limited release! Available March 2014

Fresh and zesty lime notes are perfectly balanced with the subtle flavour of coconut and citrus back notes.  The Orchard Breezin’ Tropical Lime is sure to be a warm weather pleaser!

NEW from En Primeur: French Viognier!

$169/kit or $215.55 made on-premise

This wine opens with an intense floral bouquet and aromas of apricots and peach. Notes of lush peach and honeysuckle on the palate are perfectly balanced with a crisp acidity.  Suggested food pairing: grilled seafood, lobster or shrimp in rich sauces.


Grape Sourcing Changes

Just a heads up that there are a couple changes with where our grapes are being sourced from due to availability or climate changes:

En Primeur California Cabernet Sauvignon will be changing to Spanish Cabernet Sauvignon

Cellar Classic Winery Series California Old Vine Zinfandel will be changing to Italy Zinfandel

Discontinued Products

Our supplier has discontinued a couple of items due to slow sales:

Orchard Breezin’ Lounge

Unfortunately they have discontinued this entire line, including Margarita, Cosmo, Long Island Iced tea, etc.  They have advised us to direct customers to the Orchard Breezin line or base wine products flavoured with Vinoka flavours.

Vinoka Cooler Base

Our supplier has discontinued the Vinoka Cooler base. With that said, they have advised us that we can still make coolers,  rather with an unoaked white wine base with Vinoka flavouring.



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Calvin and Carole

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