California Meritage

Limited Release
Sweetness : 0
Oak : 3
Body :3

Dark chocolate notes carry throughout, with hints of dried red fruits and green pepper on the nose. This wine kit comes with Dried GenuWine Merlot skins and a blend of American and French oak chips.
The International Collection of Grand Cru highlights the winemaking techniques and traditions from recognized wine regions around the world.


California Muscat

Limited Release

Sweetness : 1
Oak : 0
Body :2
This fresh and vibrant white wine is a true crowd pleaser. Light-bodied with aromas of passion fruit, pineapple, elderflowers, and lychee, a sip of this wine will treat your palate to an impressive lineup of tropical and stone fruit.

Chilean Syrah Rose

Limited Release

Sweetness : 0
Oak : 2
Body :0

Refreshing and mouth-watering, this rosé wine will tantalize your senses.  With notes of strawberries, pear, and a hint of pomegranate, it is a perfect wine for entertaining as it pairs well with many foods.

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