At Conner’s Wine Cellar, we want to help you make wine that is perfect for you.  We know that everyone has different needs and tastes, which is why we’re proud to offer this customization and upgrades menu so that the wine you make will be as unique and special as you are.


Add Preservatives for long term storage $1
Bottling Date Labels $2
Chaptalization (increased alcohol) $1.50 per 1/2 point
Extra Oak $2 per point
Custom Yeast Addition (see below) $2.50
Sweetening (1st point complimentary) $250 per point
Bulk Aging (1st month complimentary) $5 per month
Sur Lie Fermentation (see below) $5
Synthetic Corks (regular corks complimentary) $6 per batch
Carbonation (make any wine sparkling!) $15
Wooden Wine Crate (holds 15 bottles) $24.95
Custom Labels (full colour laser printing) $25
Oak Barrel Aging (reds only) $30 for 3 months


Yeast Upgrades

Lalvin Narbonne (71B-1122)
Semi-Dry white wine yeast that will enhance fruit flavours and add fruity esters

Lalvin Montepellier (K1-V1116)
Brings out the freshness of white grape varieties, especially Sauvignon Blanc

Lalvin Bourgovin (RC-212)
Achieves full flavour extraction in full-bodies red wines.  Stabilizes colour and tannin throughout fermentation and agingg with an emphasis on ripe berry, peppery/spicy and fruit aromas.

Lalvin Souche (D-47)
This strain is best for dry whites and blush wines, and enhances mouthfeel due to complex carbohydrates.


Sur Lie Fermentation

Sur Lie literally translates froom the french “on lees”.  Sur Lie wines have the lees (yeast sediment) stirred up daily during fermentation.  In the case of grear Chardonnay, such as Montrachet, this adds a toasty nutty “hazelnut” quality and additional depth and complexity especially on the finish.  Chemically this can alter the oak flavour molecules increasing the integration, and making the oak seem less obtrusive on the palate.  This process can also give an added freshness and creaminess to the wine, and improve colour and clarity.

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