Each year, Cru Select offers winemakers outstanding new and exciting wines from the world’s leading vineyards. Discerning winemakers eagerly anticipate the Restricted Quantities (RQ) announcement so they can stock their wine cellars with these exceptional and distinctive vintages. These wines have become known as benchmarks of quality for the wine-making industry.

RQ15 is showcasing wines from the northern versus the southern hemisphere.  The difference in wine comes mainly from their climate and soil.  With cooler climate areas, the wines will have higher acidity, less body, and less alcohol.  Wines from hotter climates generally are fuller in body and alcohol with less acidity.

As these are limited and to ensure availability should you wish to purchase one please let us know by signing up for the wine(s) you are interested in. This can be done in store, over the phone, or by email to info@connerswinecellar.com.

Scroll down for a description of the 4 wines for this year’s offering.


5146220SOUTH AFRICA Chenin Blanc Sauvignon Blanc

Light straw-coloured, with pleasing aromas of apple, cantaloupe, spice, and subtle vanilla aromas that lift effortlessly from the glass.  Medium-bodied, the palate is dry with a rich mouth-feel and a lingering mineral and tropical fruit finish.

medium bodied
light oak

Pairings – Camembert, Sushi, lightly grilled chicken, spring vegetables like asparagus or peas

RELEASE DATE: December 2014



4890731CHILE Cabernet Merlot

This full-bodied and smooth red wine opens with a well-defined bouquet of dried prunes, blackberry and raspberry.  Characteristics of black fruit, herbaceous notes and slight hints of chocolate make this an easy drinking wine that offers well-rounded tannins and a velvety finish.

medium – heavy oak

Pairings – Cheddar cheese, seared lamb shoulder chops with dill, pea and parsley risotto, sweet potato gratin.

RELEASE DATE: December 2014


398135SPAIN Vino Blanco (Vee-No-blank-OH)

This light-bodied crisp wine opens with delicate floral and lemon notes on the nose.  Bursting with white peach and citrus on the palate, the Vino Blanco has a crisp and refreshing finish that is typical of a well-balanced Spanish white wine.


Pairings: Asiago cheese, antipasto, greens dressed in vinaigrette, calamari, and shellfish.

RELEASE DATE: April 2015



5416146ITALY Aglianico (ah-LYAH-nee-koh)

Firm and intense, this dry red opens with flavours of tobacco, smoke, and rich dark fruit.  Slightly earthy on the palate, notes of dark cherry, blackberry, and vanilla emerge over time.  This easy-to-drink wine has subtle and soft oak characters.

medium oak

Pairings – gouda, pasta pomodoro, beef fillet, eggplant parmesan.

RELEASE DATE: April 2015


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